Barry M Lip Haul




I love Barry M, they are one of my favourite highstreet brands for colour products – nail polish, lipsticks, cheek products. So in my usual lunch-break browse in Boots (the main reason I’m so broke all the time!) I came across a few new items from Barry M – appreciate these aren’t brand new, I’m just a little to game! Anyway I end up picking up these three lip products to try out –

Coco Loco Lip Oil – These came out in the summer but I just didn’t get round to trying it out, so I picked this up to try. Rather than using a lip balm to put moisture back into your lips, this is a lip oil containing coconut oil to rescue dry lips. It’s non-sticky and gives a shiny plump finish to your lips. I was a bit apprehensive in using a lip oil, thinking it would messy and too slippery but it was actually quite nice to use. There is also a Berry Lip Oil which contain raspberry and pomegranate oil which also also gives the lip a slightly hint of pink which I might have to try too!

Let’s Be Clear Lip Fixer – I love a bright lipstick, but really hate it when it either bleeds or feathers round the edges. I also find it quite difficult to find matching lip liners to all my lipsticks to avoid the awful edges. Enter Barry M’s Let’s Be Clear Lip Fixer! This genius product is a clear lip liner which you can use with any coloured lipstick to prime and define your lips and acts as a transparent barrier that will stop any feathering. After using it on a night out with my red lipstick, I wouldn’t be without this pencil in my makeup bag now!

Genie Lip Paint – Yes, this is a green lipstick! I was shocked when I saw it the lipstick line up on the Barry M makeup stand – who on earth would wear a bright green lipstick?! – so I eagerly swatched it to see what it looked like. I was then surprised to find a pink swatch from this lipstick…! Wanting to find out more about this intriguing lipstick, I picked it up. The idea is ‘it’s green but magically turns your pout an ultra-long lasting personal shade of pink by adapting to the Alkaline in your lips’. Complete gimmick, but I actually like the shade of pink and I found it also become more pigmented the longer is stayed on my lips. Plus it’s a great conversation started when you pull out a green lipstick to do your lippy.

Have you tried any of these Barry M lip products before? What did you think?

NYX is now available in Boots! 


As soon as a couple of fellow Brighton bloggers mentioned there was a new NYX stand in Boots (Brighton) I just had to check it out for myself! I’ve heard a lot of good things about NYX mainly on American blogs/videos (being that it’s an American brand) especially about their soft matte lip creams which are their version of liquid lipsticks, so I knew these were the first products I wanted to try from the brand. 

As I approached the makeup aisles of Boots, it wasn’t hard to spot where the new stand was as there was a swarm of  girls swatching every NYX makeup products in sight. I edge my way into where the liquid lipsticks were and the first one the catch my eye was Stockholm – I’m a real sucker for a nude lip colour! I’m also a huge fan of a purple berry shade so also had to pick up Copenhagen! 

First impressions – I love them! The formulation is soft and mousse like so they feel really nice when you apply them to your lips, feeling comfortable without feeling too dry or sticky. Eventunally it does feel a little drying on the lips as matte lipsticks generally do but no where near as some other liquid lipsticks I’ve tried in the past. On the flipside to this however, I do find they don’t last as long on the lips. Other liquid lipsticks I’ve tried in the past such as The Hour Glass liquid lipsticks lasts for hours on end, the NYX liquid lipsticks…not so much. They do last a good couple of hours though before you need reapplying, and at £5.50 you really don’t mind. All and all for the price, NYX liquid lipsticks are fantastic! 

Have you tried the NYX liquid lipsticks before? What is your favourite shade? And what would you recommend trying next from NYX?

Current Favourite Lip Combo

fave lip duo

I’ll admit, a little bit Kylie Jenner inspired but I am loving this current MAC lip combo – MAC lip liner in Nice and Spice with MAC lipstick in Velvet Teddy.

I found the lip liner whilst doing my usual browse of the lip counter in the MAC shop in Brighton (you know, the usual Saturday afternoon) and after speaking to one of the make-up artists she suggested trying it with MAC’s Velvet Teddy lipstick. Well you don’t have to tell me twice! I picked up both and having been wearing them nearly every day to work since December.

It’s a gorgeous nude brown that looks really natural and perfect for the office. I hadn’t been the biggest fan on lip liners, apart from wearing a bold red lip but it’s made me really see the benefit in a lip liner. Not only does it make my lips look more defined, but layering the liner as a base really holds my lipstick in place for the majority of the day. I tend to only need to reapply after eating lunch at midday, or I perhaps need a quick touch up before going to a meeting.

Have tried MAC’s Nice and Spice Liner or Velvet Teddy lipstick? What’s your favourite nude lip combo?

Kiko Haul




I’ve heard a lot of good things about Kiko Cosmetics and as we now have a store in Brighton I thought I would pick up some pieces up to try out. Here is what I picked up this weekend –

Velvet Touch Cream Blush Stick in 01 (£7.90) – these reminded me of the Nars multiples which I’ve always wanted to try so thought I would give this go. The picture above show me trying this for the first time and I really liked it. It’s quite shimmery in person so maybe would be a little to much for a daytime look but I thought the colour was really nice.

Kiss Balm Lipstick in Blackberry (£5.90) – I think you can always find out the most about a beauty range by their lipstick offering. Rather testing something bright and bold I wanted something I could wear and reapply during my day at work . On first application (as shown by photo above) there is a slightly colour tint which is perfect for the office and its really moisturising on the lips too!

Make Up Blender (£6.90) – I love a beauty blenders so I was intrigued to test out how to Kiko’s beauty blender compares to others I’ve tried. I’ll let you know how I get on with it!

Blotting Papers (£3.40) – Blotting papers are always something I wanted to try to be honest. I’ve notice my skin getting slightly oily recently so thought I’d try them out.

I wanted to pick up some more of their makeup range to test out like their foundations however I couldn’t find the right colour match plus I went in on a Saturday so it was a little manic and difficult to have a proper browse of everything that was offer. I shall definitely be doing my research and testing some more Kiko soon!

Have you tried Kiko? What would you recommend me trying next?