Slimming World Sundays #3

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This week I thought I would share you with you some of my favourite meals I’ve had over the past couple of weeks. Seven weeks on plan and I’ve currently lost 11lbs. I’ll be honest, my progress is a little slower than I had hoped however I have had a couple of disaster weeks with festivals or weekends away which meant I’ve either stayed the same on the scales or put on 1/2 lb one week.Nevertheless, I am still enjoying the plans and fingers crossed in a couple of weeks I can make it to my stone award!

My top favourite meals of this week have been –

Steak salad from Singer Tavern, London (top left hand corner) – We all went to the local pub at work for a colleagues leaving do and they had some really nice salad choices on the menu, which meant it was easy to stick to plan. My biggest tip when you know you are eating out is to check the menu online before you go, that way you know exactly what to order when you get there without panicking. I also said no to having croutons on my salad – how good was I?!

Subway Salad (centre photo) – Sticking on the salad train, this is always a firm favourite of mine and will feature in my weekly food diary at least once a week. Subway is great when you need something for lunch. All the salad is free and its all about the double chicken portion, which is also free! Its then topped out with the Sweet Onion sauce which is 1.5 syns per serving – simple!

Overnight Oats (bottom left hand corner) – I love overnight oats for breakfast! I make mine with 30g oats (healthy extra B), a Mullerlight vanilla yogurt (free) topped off with strawberries and blueberries (free).This week however I made my pots up with frozen berries the night before and it worked just as well. Using frozen berries means I don’t have to worry about buying fresh fruit every 2-3days, plus it does work out cheaper too.

Nando’s (top right hand corner) – If you’re a big fan of Nando’s you will be glad you know it’s a great place when your eating on the SW plan. I had butterfly chicken without the skin which I count as 2 syns for any oil/marinate they use, spicy rice (1.5 syns) with corn on the cob (free as long as you don’t use that butter!). I love this meal as it means you can still go out for dinner and socialise with friend whilst not damaging your weight lost.

If you are interested in keeping up to date with what I eat on Slimming World or want to know more about some of the other meals I’ve had this week, I have a separate Slimming World Instagram account you can follow – search ‘stephi_sw

What are you favourite healthy meals?


Slimming World Sundays #2

 So it’s been a 3 or 4 weeks since I checked in with my progress with Slimming World, so wanted to give you a bit of an update and share with you the one tip that’s been keeping me on track this past week. It was weigh day yesterday morning and in total I have now lost 9.5lbs. The first couple of weeks were great, losing 7.5lbs and gaining my half stone award however the following weeks were a little less good. The week after I got my half stone award, I maintained on the scales and the week after I had as holiday and I went back home to Southampton to catch up with friends and family – let’s just say there was a lot of coffee and cakes….opps! Once I got back home on the Monday, I pushed myself to get back into the swing of things and stick to plan. Turns out it worked as this week I lost a further 2lbs! To be honest after my week off I was shocked at this result and was adamant I would have put on, but from Monday to Friday I made one change which I think really helped with my loss – I kept a food diary!

From day one at Slimming World they urge you to write down everything you eat and keep a food diary, and I’ll admit I did it the first week and then stopped. Reason I stopped writing my food intake down? I got lazy and quite honestly I thought it was a way of the SW instructor keeping an eye of you (which it is kinda, but just so they can help if you are struggling) but I think I thought I could just do it by myself. This week however I realised however powerful a food diary could actually be…!

I started writing my food diary again because I knew I had to be extra good this week to counter act how badly I ate the previous week. This is something I didn’t fill in every time I ate something but something I filled in after my dinner at home. Each day, this gave me 5 minutes to myself to reflect on my day and check in on how many syns I had during the day. My biggest downfall tends to be the evenings after dinner, generally chilling out on the sofa as this is the time I want sweet treats so by writing my food diary straight after dinner this allows me to see if I can allow myself a treat or not. A degree of planning the week ahead also helps with staying on track too but writing everything down really confirms how you are doing day by day.

So if you’re doing Slimming World too, or just trying to eat healthy, try writing everything down in a food diary. It’s amazing how much we can mindless eat throughout the day – that biscuit with your coffee in the afternoon or just grabbing a snack on for the commute home – it all adds up and its these things we tend to forget if we don’t write them down. Whether you write it on the notes app on our phones, or in a little diary like mine that you can keep in your handbag – write it down.

Do you keep a food diary when you are trying to eat well? Does it help?