An Unexpected Revlon Haul

On Friday I popped into Boots as I wanted a new lip-shade and matching nail polish for a wedding I was attending at the weekend. I headed over to the Revlon counter as I’ve previously loved their Ultra HD Matte Lipstick range, and I wanted to see what they had to offer in red. I ended up picking up the Ultra HD Matte Lipstick in Passion and picked up Revlon nail polish in Valentine to match. As I paid for them, the lovely lady at the till explained that because I’d spent £15 – I got a free gift!  Not expecting much (as these promotions tend to be full of sample sized products which I would never use), I was surprised to be handed a small box with 4x full-sized Revlon products inside…


Included in the box was; a Dramatic Definition Mascara, Photoready Insta-Fix Highlighting Stick, Super Lustrous Lipstick in Sassy Mauve and a Nail Polish in Vixen along with money off voucher for a foundation or primer – all worth £34. The think the idea of the promotion, in association with Michelle Keegan, was to have your full make-up look covered for the season.

I think you will have to agree that Revlon are offering quite a fabulous free gift. It’s a great chance to be able to test out some Revlon products which you might of not even considered before. I’ve actualy been wanting to try their mascara for a while, so it was a nice surprise to receive a full size-bottle. Plus the nail and lip shades are really nice classic shades which I think will suit nearly everyone. 

So, what was just treating myself to a new lipstick and nail polish, turned into a mini Revlon haul with 6 products! Thought it was worth posting, because if you were planning on making a Revlon purchase it might be worth heading to Boots to lay your hands of some beauty freebies!

Are you a fan of Revlon? Have you tried any of these products before?

A Superdrug Haul

When it reaches payday, one of the first shops I always go into is Superdrug to top up on my toiletries and beauty essentials. It’s the type of shop you go into for one item and always come out with a basket full – new products you want to test, items that are better than half price or something you’ve been meaning to pick up for ages.

Nailcare was my first port of call when recently going into Superdrug. I really wanted to pick up a bottle of the Sally Hansen Advanced Hard As Nail polish after borrowing some of mum’s a couple of weeks ago. My nails have been recently so weak due to a lot of gel manicures, and maybe not necessarily removing them correctly and whilst staying with my mum, to protect my nails I applied one layer on the Sally Hansen Advanced Hard as Nails. I then noticed after one week that my nails were starting the grow and snagging much less. I was sold, and instantly wanting to get a bottle for myself. Whilst also in the nail aisle, I also picked up a few nails essentials to keep in my desk at work just in case of any nail emergencies –  Quickies Nail Varnish Remover Pads, nail clippers for any snagged nails and emery boards to keep a couple at work and one in my handbag.

I then visited the skincare aisle – one of my favourite aisles! I needed to pick up some more Nip & Fab Glycolic Fix Night Pads (which I’ve previously raved about!) and these were ‘better than half price’ at £6.45 (usually around £14 per tub). It was a shame there was only one tub left on the shelf otherwise I would’ve stocked up on couple! I then picked up my all time beauty essential – Blistex Relief Cream for lips. I’m never without a tube of this stuff in my makeup bag because it’s the only thing that will heal my chapped lips. Whilst walking down the aisle I also noticed the Garnier Moisture range. I’ve already picked up the night cream previously (more on this on a future post) but I hadn’t been able to lay my hands down on the tissue mask so grab one of these as well!

The last items in my basket was a tube of toothpaste and hair ties. The Oral B 3D White Luxe Glamourous Shine toothpaste is my favourite toothpaste at the moment and this was also on ‘better than half price’ so I picked up a spare for my bathroom cabinet. I also picked up a mountain a hair ties – 70 hair bands to precise! Anyone else’s hair ties seems to go missing all the time? Hopefully these will keep my going for a while haha! I also picked up some spiral hair bands which claim to not damage or tangle your hair. I’ve seen a lot of these types of hair ties before, so wanted to try them out for myself out.

Do you love a trip to Superdrug? What usually on your basket?

Barry M Lip Haul




I love Barry M, they are one of my favourite highstreet brands for colour products – nail polish, lipsticks, cheek products. So in my usual lunch-break browse in Boots (the main reason I’m so broke all the time!) I came across a few new items from Barry M – appreciate these aren’t brand new, I’m just a little to game! Anyway I end up picking up these three lip products to try out –

Coco Loco Lip Oil – These came out in the summer but I just didn’t get round to trying it out, so I picked this up to try. Rather than using a lip balm to put moisture back into your lips, this is a lip oil containing coconut oil to rescue dry lips. It’s non-sticky and gives a shiny plump finish to your lips. I was a bit apprehensive in using a lip oil, thinking it would messy and too slippery but it was actually quite nice to use. There is also a Berry Lip Oil which contain raspberry and pomegranate oil which also also gives the lip a slightly hint of pink which I might have to try too!

Let’s Be Clear Lip Fixer – I love a bright lipstick, but really hate it when it either bleeds or feathers round the edges. I also find it quite difficult to find matching lip liners to all my lipsticks to avoid the awful edges. Enter Barry M’s Let’s Be Clear Lip Fixer! This genius product is a clear lip liner which you can use with any coloured lipstick to prime and define your lips and acts as a transparent barrier that will stop any feathering. After using it on a night out with my red lipstick, I wouldn’t be without this pencil in my makeup bag now!

Genie Lip Paint – Yes, this is a green lipstick! I was shocked when I saw it the lipstick line up on the Barry M makeup stand – who on earth would wear a bright green lipstick?! – so I eagerly swatched it to see what it looked like. I was then surprised to find a pink swatch from this lipstick…! Wanting to find out more about this intriguing lipstick, I picked it up. The idea is ‘it’s green but magically turns your pout an ultra-long lasting personal shade of pink by adapting to the Alkaline in your lips’. Complete gimmick, but I actually like the shade of pink and I found it also become more pigmented the longer is stayed on my lips. Plus it’s a great conversation started when you pull out a green lipstick to do your lippy.

Have you tried any of these Barry M lip products before? What did you think?

A Book Haul

IMG_6850FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender (1)

I’ve always been a bit of a book worm. It’s something my Nan always used to call me because I would always have my nose in a book when she looked after me on school holidays. One of my favourite past times were visits to the library with my Nan or we would go and rad the charity shops to find the hidden gems often found in their book shelves. Nowadays, I don’t get time to read as much as I would like to but I’m usually never on the train without my Kindle or an audiobook. My Kindle or audiobooks are really convenient but I have to admit that I do miss holding a real book, which is why I decided to treat myself to a selection of books I’ve had my eye on.

I don’t particularly have a favour genre in books, but I often enjoy books which are easy to read like Y.A.books. I especially like these books when I’m the train because I find the journey and other passengers on board sometimes quite distracting, so I need something easyto follow. I therefore picked up All The Bright Place by Jennifer Niven and Beautiful Broken Things by Sara Barnard. I had heard a lot of good things about these books and loved that Beautiful Broken Things was set in Brighton. I have a personal goal to read more books set in Brighton because I have only been living in the Brighton for just over 18 months and it can be a lovely way to learn more about the city. I also picked up Billy and Mil by Giovanna Fletcher which again, I’d heard a lot of good things about plus I absolutely love Giovanna Fletcher (married to Tom Fletcher from McFly) so wanted to start reading her novels.

One of the best books I read last year was Gone Girl by Gillian Fylnn. I often like getting my head stuck into a thriller novel as it makes for something different and gripping to read. Fellow fans have all said that if I liked Gone Girl, than I would really like The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins. So when Waterstone’s was selling The Girl On The Train for half price a couple of weeks ago, I picked it up straight away. Only thing is, I’m a little scared to read it considering I spend most of my life on a train travelling to London and back for work…

The last book in my haul is Quiet by Susan Cain. This was a book I’d had my eye on for a while now. It’s a non-fiction book all about ‘The Power of Introverts’. I’ve always been very much an introverted person and I think it’s fair to say it’s previously been considered a negative trait. Since however listening to a couple of podcasts (Girlboss Radio, Ladies who Lunch, to a name a few) and listening to other introverts it becomes clear of an introvert’s strengths. Keen to learn more, I finally added Quiet to my book collection.

Have you read any of these books? Do you have any other book recommendations?

Another Boots Haul…

Capture 2Capture 1

Why is it that when you go into Boots for just one thing, you end up coming away with a lot more than you intended?! Classic example happened to me last week when I popped into Boots on my lunch break to pick up the Sleek Cream Contour Kit which I had my eye on for a couple of weeks (did you see my beauty wish list? Find it here), but all of a sudden I had my hands full with all sorts of beauty goodies. Here’s what I ended up picking up –

Sleek Cream Contour Kit & Sleek Face Form Contouring & Blush Palette – As you know if you saw my beauty wish list a couple of weeks ago, I had my eye on this for a while so as soon as pay day hit I picked it up. When I reached the Sleek section in the makeup aisles, there was an offer of buy one product, get one half price – well it would be rude if I didn’t take advantage wouldn’t it?! As I was picking up a contour kit, I wanted to get some sort of blush palette however they had all sold out. Instead I opted for the Sleek Contouring and Blush Palette. Bit excessive on the contour products I know, but I thought this was a really nice little kit which has a powder contour, highlight and blush all in one – perfect for travelling!

Soap & Glory Pillow Plump Lip Gloss – I have a lot of matte lipsticks in my makeup collection which I love, but sometimes I’m looking for something a bit glossier. Rather than buying new lipsticks, I can just add a clear gloss over the top on matte lipsticks for the same desired effect. Now, I haven’t brought a clear lip gloss since I was at school (remember the days where you could only get away with wearing clear lipgloss at school – ha!), but fancied trying something that could maybe enhance my lips. I therefore opted to give the Soap & Glory plump gloss a go. These glosses have something in the formula which makes your lips tingle and buzz to make your lips appear more fuller. I’ll let you know if it really works…

Ecotools Precision Blush Brush – I picked this up as my Real Techniques expert face brush fell apart for the third time…really not happy, but more on that another day! So I needed a similar style brush but wanted to trying something from another brand. I then found this down the makeup brush aisle.  Its similar to the expert face brush – same kinda of density, fluffiness only it’s more of an oval shape rather than a rounded brush. It does however do the job of applying my liquid foundation which is great but I think the shape of this brush will also be perfect to use with my cream contour palette too!

Denman Dressing Out Brush – I used to have one of these brushes years ago when it was really popular to back comb your hair (think Amy Winehouse beehive days!) and although I’m not looking to massively back comb my hair, my hair is currently looking for flat as its due for another haircut. I thought I would pick another one of these brushes up again, just for those days when I’m looking for a tad more volume.

Have you tried any of these products before?

Topshop Makeup Haul

topshopmakeuphaultopshopnailstopshop swatches

When Topshop first released their makeup range back in 2010, I was really impressed with the quality and the range and 6 years later Topshop are still brining their makeup game! Last weekend whilst shopping in Brighton, and I couldn’t resist picking up some new bits to try from their range. Here is what is picked up –

Nail Polish in Lucas and Leigh – This was the main reason I wanted to check out Topshop’s makeup stand as I knew they had just launch their new denim nail polish range. With six new polishes in the range, these all match Topshop’s famous denim jeans – Hayden, Lucas, Joni, Leigh, Mom and Jamie. I picked up Lucas and Leigh, and they look great – perfect for Spring!

Everything Stick in Philanderer – I’ve used Tophop ‘crayon-type’ products before like their lip bullets and I thought they were great, so when I saw the Everything Stick – a product you can use for your eyes, checks and lips, I wanted to get it a go! I’m not sure how much I will use this colour on my lips but it’s a really pretty colour for the cheeks and lips. It super creamy and pigmented, and blends in really nicely for a blush. They have some really pretty colours in this range (six in the range) so might have to pick up a few more of these.

Waterproof Eyeliner Ebony – I’ve heard a lot of good things about Topshop’s eyeliner, so wanted to try this out for myself. When I first swatched this on my arm, it’s really pigmented and creamy and when I went to wipe it away it was really stubborn. With this staying power for just a swatch, I can’t wait to try this eyeliner properly.

What are you favourites from the Topshop makeup range? Have you tried any of these products before?

Kiko Haul




I’ve heard a lot of good things about Kiko Cosmetics and as we now have a store in Brighton I thought I would pick up some pieces up to try out. Here is what I picked up this weekend –

Velvet Touch Cream Blush Stick in 01 (£7.90) – these reminded me of the Nars multiples which I’ve always wanted to try so thought I would give this go. The picture above show me trying this for the first time and I really liked it. It’s quite shimmery in person so maybe would be a little to much for a daytime look but I thought the colour was really nice.

Kiss Balm Lipstick in Blackberry (£5.90) – I think you can always find out the most about a beauty range by their lipstick offering. Rather testing something bright and bold I wanted something I could wear and reapply during my day at work . On first application (as shown by photo above) there is a slightly colour tint which is perfect for the office and its really moisturising on the lips too!

Make Up Blender (£6.90) – I love a beauty blenders so I was intrigued to test out how to Kiko’s beauty blender compares to others I’ve tried. I’ll let you know how I get on with it!

Blotting Papers (£3.40) – Blotting papers are always something I wanted to try to be honest. I’ve notice my skin getting slightly oily recently so thought I’d try them out.

I wanted to pick up some more of their makeup range to test out like their foundations however I couldn’t find the right colour match plus I went in on a Saturday so it was a little manic and difficult to have a proper browse of everything that was offer. I shall definitely be doing my research and testing some more Kiko soon!

Have you tried Kiko? What would you recommend me trying next?