My Saviour – Palmer Cocoa Butter Handcream


When the cold weather comes in, it’s my hands that always suffer! And although it’s starting to feel Spring like the wind still dries my hands out making them really red and sore, plus it doesn’t help coming from the cold onto a packed and boiling tube and back out in the cold again…

I’ve tried a lot of hand creams in the past (one being the Neutrogena non-scented hand cream – would definitely not recommend!) but this one has fast become my favourite and has found a permanent home in my make-up bag/desk at work.

The Palmer Cocoa Butter Formula Hand Cream is really rich and nourishing but also quickly sinks into the skin so you’re not left with greasy hand for next 15mins. This also has the usual Cocoa Butter smells as well which smells really nice!

I can’t say this gives the ’24 hour moisture’ it claims on the packaging as I tend to end up needing to reapply at least four times a day, but I have to say my hands become like sandpaper in this weather so you  might not need to reapply as much as me. Never the less I would highly recommend!

Do you have a favourite hand-cream?