L’Oreal Pure Clay Face Masks

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As you may know already, I’m a huge fan of a face clay face mask so when I heard that L’Oreal were bringing their own clay masks out, I got really excited! Even more excitingly, when these were released they were on offer for £5 each (rrp. £7.99) so I picked up two of them to try out!

L’Oréal have brought out three different clay masks, each containing 3 pure clays along with their own different unique ingredients to do different jobs for your skin –

  • L’Oréal Pure Clay Purity Mask with the help of eucalyptus, aims to purify and mattify the skin.
  • L’Oréal Pure Clay Detox Mask which contains charcoal to detoxify and clarify.
  • L’Oréal Pure Clay Glow Mask including red algae to brighten and exfoliate.

I decided to try the Detox and Glow mask based on my skin type (combination/mostly dry). I try to avoid most mattifing skin products as they tend to dry my skin out, but I do really like the fact that L’Oreal have decided bring out different masks to suit different skin types. The great idea about these masks though, is that you can use these all together as a multitasking mask treatment! For example – If you get an oily t-zone but the rest of your face looks dull and dry, you can apply the Detox mask just to your t-zone and use the Glow mask on the rest of your face to get the perfect balance all at once, rather than having to use different masks at throughout the week to gain your desired effect. Genius idea L’Oreal (both for skin care and marketing!) – Bravo!

I’ve use these now each on their own all over my face and using the multitasking way, and I’m really enjoying them! The Detox mask is very much your traditional clay mask. When applied is dries on the skin, getting deep into all of your pores to give them a good clear out. I find this one really good when my skin is being troublesome because it really helps to clear my skin. The Glow mask is also good too but very different to anything I’ve used before. Its clay based also contains exfoliating beads (the type you find in the scrubby, gritty exfoliators). I’m not the biggest fan on the gritty exfoliator beads as I tend to use more chemical exfoliates but I have to say this does make my skin feel soft and glowy after using it.

The only down-size I feel is the packaging. These face masks jars do look lovely and feel a lot more expensive that they actually are, but I’m waiting to knock one of these babies from my sink in my bathroom for it to smash and cover my floor in clay gloop. Just a word of warning if you’re a little clumsy, like meJ! All and all thought, I really like these clays masks and they are perfect if you are look for an affordable clay based face mask.

Have you tried the L’Oreal Clay Masks yet? What did you think?