Just say yes! And the #BtonBlogMeet


On Saturday I went to my first blog meet up in Brighton, kindly organised by the wonderful Laura from Lola and Behold.

Now I have to thank my beautiful best friend Emily for telling me about this meet up! You may have heard of her very lovely sister Alice from Annie Writes Beauty who was already going to the event and Emily suggested I should maybe check it out too. I moved to Brighton just over a year ago now and due to spending half my time in London for my job, I’ve really not had a chance of meeting anyone here. She knows I’ve been feeling a bit lonely in Brighton and thought it would be great opportunity for me to meet some other bloggers in the same area – and she was so right!

I’ll be very honest, when it came to the morning of the event I was in two minds whether to go or not. When it comes to meeting new people and especially in a crowd, I become very very anxious! Whether it’s meeting new people, walking into a busy room, being in a crowd, or even going out for a meal with my closest friends (who I have known for years!), I still get nervous and anxious. It’s something I have suffered with for years and I’ve previously tended to avoid certain social situations but I am trying my hardest to say yes to more things – this event was the perfect opportunity to try and conker my fears.

The event was at The Globe in Brighton on Saturday 19th March in the afternoon. As I walked in by myself I felt a bit shaky but I was instantly greeted by a couple of other really lovely bloggers. I found out it was their first blog meet up too and I quickly realised I wasn’t alone in feeling a bit nervous and not everyone knew each other. In my head, I thought I’d be sat at the back on the room whilst everyone already knew each other and already in their own groups – I was very much wrong! Laura arranged a great icebreaker activity which got everyone talking to each other and finding out about each other blogs. It was a perfect opportunity to start meeting other great bloggers, swapping blog addresses and twitter handles.

Also at the event were some great brands – Purepotions , Snact and the lovely store Homage (a gorgeous homeware store in Seven Dials, Brighton) as well as lots of other really great brands who appeared in the goodies bags which Laura kindly put together – thank you to you all and shall be reviewing some of these products soon!

I want to say a huge thank you for you to Laura for organising the event! I had such a great time and met some really amazing bloggers who I’ll be keeping in contact with. I also met a lovely blogger Pippa from Pippa Says who was also holding a Brighton Girl coffee morning meet up the following morning on the Sunday, and in the rule of saying yes, I went along a met some more lovely and inspiring women from Brighton! More to come on the Brighton Girl meet up soon!

So if you are like me and are afraid to get out there and meet new people, remember you aren’t alone, everyone gets nervous meeting new people! My advice is – say YES! Go along to your nearest blog meet up, find out other meet ups in your area or even create your own because at the end of it you may end up finding new friends and start becoming a part of community.

Just say YES!