5x Benefits of Bio Oil

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As you may know, I recently attended the #BtonBlogMeet and was kindly given a goodie bag full of amazing products to test – one of these was a bottle of Bio Oil.

I’ll admit I haven’t personally used Bio Oil before, however I knew all about as my fiancé used in the past for his eczema. Being excited to try it out myself I did a little research into other uses for Bio Oil and I thought I’d share these with you.

Fading Scars – This is exactly what Bio Oil are known for and although I can’t personally tell you it works, the reviews online speak themselves so it’s definitely worth trying. Of course it’s dependent on the type/size of scars but I don’t think Bio Oil will magically get rid of your scars altogether after using for a couple of week but from what I have read, it will improve/fade the appearance of scars.

Stretch Marks – I’ll be that girl and hold my hands up and say I do have a few stretch marks, so as soon as I was given this bottle I started to try it on them. It’s only been a week or so since I started using the oil, but I am noticing a degree of difference in the appearance of my marks. They are starting to look less harsh the more I apply (I tend to only apply once a day at night before bed), so will definitely be keep this in my body care routine.

Dry Skin, even Eczema… – As I mentioned above, I first really heard about Bio Oil as my fiancé used to this to sooth his eczema. He went through many different treatments to tackle his eczema which included the god-awful steroid cream. As you may know this stuff isn’t good for you long-term as it thins the skin, cause further irritation making skin condition worse and can also discolour your skin – not good!! He then started using Bio Oil. The Oil helped sooth his eczema and stopped it itching, and if you can make it past the itching the eczema will begin to improve.

Cuticle Oil – As Bio Oil contain Vitamin E it’s great for rubbing into your cuticles and nail beds to help them keep them strong and healthy. What I tend to do is, once I have used Bio Oil in my daily routine I will rub any remaining oils into my hands and nails and they look great for it!

After Sun – I also saw that it can be used to sooth your skin after being in the Sun and considering how much it helped with my fiancé eczema I can well believe it would help. So it might worth maybe throwing a mini bottle of Bio Oil in your luggage next time you go on holiday.

Have you used Bio Oil before? What do you use it for?