Beauty Pie Haul – My final orders

(Top shade – Fantasticolour Sculpting Lipstick in Rebel Ruby / 2nd shade – Powderstick Matte Lip Crayon in Guilty Girl)

If you have read my post back in December you will know that I signed up for a 3-month membership to Beauty Pie. And if you aren’t sure what Beauty Pie is, have a look back at my previous post here. Since then I have made my final two Beauty Pie orders and wanted to give you an update on my thoughts of the brand.

I made my second order in Dec and picked up; Super Retinol (+ Vitamin C) Night Renewal (rrp £75 / member cost £8.37), Powderstick Matte Lip Crayon in Guilty Girl (rrp £18 / member cost £3.47) and Fantasticolour Sculpting Lipstick in Rebel Ruby (rrp £18 / member cost £2.66). With the membership, Beauty Pie give you a monthly allowance of £112 (rrp) but you’ll basket will only charge you the member-cost (at factory prices). What I however quickly realised is that if you want to buy their skincare range, that £112 limit does not stretch very far. With my final order, I bought; Super Pore-Detox Black Clay Mask (rrp £50 /member cost £6.15), Unbeatable Concealer in Shade 75 Neutral (rrp £20 / member cost £4.10) and Wondercolour Nail Polish in Le Milk (rrp £14 / member cost £4.10).

My Verdict:
Starting with skincare, since the buzz surrounding acids lately in the beauty industry, I was most excited to try out their Retinol Night Renewal from their Retinol range they released in November. I was just a little disappointed I couldn’t order more from the range though due to the membership budget limit. After looking through the range I opted for the Super Retinol Night Renewal cream. I’ve used it for a couple of weeks now but I’ve not seen a huge difference if I’m honest, but I will keep you posted on my progress. I do however have to say the pump on this bottle is a little naff, and in order to get a decent amount of product you have to pump the lid a fair few times. The Super Pore-Detox Black Mask however is really great! I’ve used it once a week since ordering it and I do think its made a difference to keeping any spots away, leaving my skin feeling super clean and un-clogged.

The make-up items overall are great for the price tag too! The nail polish in Le Milk is my second polish from Beauty Pie, and I’m super impressed by the quality (you usually only need one coat of polish) and lasting power – I would definitely recommend trying their polishes if you are interested in signing up to Beauty Pie, and only £4.10 – bargain! I’ve also really enjoyed using both lip products – Powderstick Matte Lip Crayon in Guilty Girland Fantasticolour Sculpting Lipstick in Rebel Ruby. Both are really lovely shades and the texture of both styles apply really nicely. The best of the bunch though is the Unbeatable Concealer! Used under the eyes, it has full coverage and the texture means it stays in place throughout the day.

So will I join Beauty Pie permanently? If I wasn’t such a beauty addict, wanting to try everything out there, I actually might spend £10 a month to be able to buy all my makeup from Beauty Pie. The quality is really good, but I would feel I needed to buy something every month. I would definitely however sign-up for a three month membership again in order to test out more of their skincare. From what I can see from their range, they are really trying to challenge the market, bringing quality products and ingredients at affordable prices. I would really recommend checking out Beauty Pie!

Have you tried anything from Beauty Pie yet? Or will you be signing up to check out their products for yourself?

Glossier brought me back!

There is nothing like a highly anticipated beauty launch in the UK to inspire me to pick up the blogging strings again. There hasn’t been a range I’ve been really excited about in a long time, which along with other life commitments has also been the reason I haven’t blogged in a very long while!

Glossier launched in the UK on 9th October 2017 and everyone is talking about it. I’ve been a fan of Into The Gloss since forever and when Emily Weiss launch her beauty range back in 2014, us Brits were tortured with all the US bloggers raving about it. Like many of you, I watched Anna’s (from the Anna Edit) New York haul running through all the beauty products she loved, and I was there making a mental shopping list in my head. As soon as 9th October rolled around, I made my order!

I wanted to try a range of the Glossier products so I opted for some skincare and make-up. First of all, I picked up the Glossier Phase 1 Set (£35) inc. Milky Jelly Cleanser, Priming Moistuzer and Balm Dotcom, which worked out saving £8. In the make-up department I opted for trying the famous Cloud Paint in Dusk (£15) and Haloscope in Quartz (£18).

My Verdict:

Starting with the skincare, the standout product for me in the Glossier Phase 1 Set is definiety the Milky Jelly Cleanser. It’s fuss-free, gentle on my skin and leave my face feeling really soft. It’s not heavy enough for me for an evening cleanse – I tend to use Oskia Cleansing Gel , but this is perfect to add to your morning skincare routine. The Priming Moistuzer is good, but personally I could do with something a little moisturizing in this colder weather. This would be perfect for me in the summer though when I tend to get a little more oiler. I do also really like the packaging of this, the squeezey tube will mean you can get every last drop out. And the Balm is my another of my favourite purchase of my order. Not only is it a great lip balm, but it smells amazing – just like birthday cake (I’m a big fan of the sweet scents!). It worth saying the birthday flavour does look a little glittery on first sight but it doesn’t really translate on the lips.

The Cloud Paint and Haloscope are both products I knew I would love before I even purchased them. The Cloud Paint is a creamy blush which can be worn lightly or built up, and Haloscope is Glossier’s highlight product. I’m a big fan of a cream face product to ensure a more glowy look. I would add though that both of there products are better applied with fingers rather than with any makeup brushes, as it gives more of a natural look. Out of the two I do like the Cloud Paint best and I’m interested in getting my hands on my shades. It’s looks natural on your cheeks which is long lasting throughout the day.

Have you tried anything from the Glossier range yet? If so, is there anything you would recommend trying next?

A Superdrug Haul

When it reaches payday, one of the first shops I always go into is Superdrug to top up on my toiletries and beauty essentials. It’s the type of shop you go into for one item and always come out with a basket full – new products you want to test, items that are better than half price or something you’ve been meaning to pick up for ages.

Nailcare was my first port of call when recently going into Superdrug. I really wanted to pick up a bottle of the Sally Hansen Advanced Hard As Nail polish after borrowing some of mum’s a couple of weeks ago. My nails have been recently so weak due to a lot of gel manicures, and maybe not necessarily removing them correctly and whilst staying with my mum, to protect my nails I applied one layer on the Sally Hansen Advanced Hard as Nails. I then noticed after one week that my nails were starting the grow and snagging much less. I was sold, and instantly wanting to get a bottle for myself. Whilst also in the nail aisle, I also picked up a few nails essentials to keep in my desk at work just in case of any nail emergencies –  Quickies Nail Varnish Remover Pads, nail clippers for any snagged nails and emery boards to keep a couple at work and one in my handbag.

I then visited the skincare aisle – one of my favourite aisles! I needed to pick up some more Nip & Fab Glycolic Fix Night Pads (which I’ve previously raved about!) and these were ‘better than half price’ at £6.45 (usually around £14 per tub). It was a shame there was only one tub left on the shelf otherwise I would’ve stocked up on couple! I then picked up my all time beauty essential – Blistex Relief Cream for lips. I’m never without a tube of this stuff in my makeup bag because it’s the only thing that will heal my chapped lips. Whilst walking down the aisle I also noticed the Garnier Moisture range. I’ve already picked up the night cream previously (more on this on a future post) but I hadn’t been able to lay my hands down on the tissue mask so grab one of these as well!

The last items in my basket was a tube of toothpaste and hair ties. The Oral B 3D White Luxe Glamourous Shine toothpaste is my favourite toothpaste at the moment and this was also on ‘better than half price’ so I picked up a spare for my bathroom cabinet. I also picked up a mountain a hair ties – 70 hair bands to precise! Anyone else’s hair ties seems to go missing all the time? Hopefully these will keep my going for a while haha! I also picked up some spiral hair bands which claim to not damage or tangle your hair. I’ve seen a lot of these types of hair ties before, so wanted to try them out for myself out.

Do you love a trip to Superdrug? What usually on your basket?