Beauty Miniatures- My Handbag Essentials


Doesn’t everyone love a beauty miniature? Yes, they are very cute and perfect for travelling but for me, a beauty mini isn’t just for your holiday, they’re for my handbag too!

I’ll admit, I like to carry a large handbag but that’s only because I like to be prepared. Whist working in London (although I’ve recently move jobs – more on that another day!), I was out of the house for 13+ hours and there might be occasions when I would go out after work for the evening too. You usually don’tĀ have the luxury of heading home to freshen up, so these minis come in really handy.

OK, so it’s not that sexy talking about needing to spray deodorant during the day – maybe it’s been a hot day, or you’ve just sprinted across town for a meeting, but it’s definitely not sexy smelling funky throughout the day! I keep this mini can of Nivea anti-perspirant in my handbag at all times and it’s been a real life saver when I’ve been a little hot or want to freshen up before an unexpected night out. And those unexpectant nights out generally always come up when I should of really washed my hair the night before – enter in the mini can of Batiste! I would rather cancel going out after work, than go out with greasy roots, so a couple of sprays of dry shampoo has also saved me of few times recently.

I also quite like travelling with makeup wipes too. They come in handy when tidying up makeup mistakes when you freshening up your makeup but I actually also like these when I’ve got a long commute home. After a long day at work, the best feeling in the world it taking off my makeup at the end of the day but when there is another 2hr on a train to get home, I’ve been known to take my makeup whilst I’m on the train. Admittedly, I would only do it when I’m having a good skin day, but I love having a couple of extra hours break from wearing my full face of makeup. Then all I have to do when I get home is do a full cleanse.

See, beauty minis are great for everyday use! And it’s worth remembering that most high-street beauty storesĀ (Boots or Superdrug) will generally offer mini on a 3 for 2 deal.

What beauty minis do you love? Do you keep them in your handbag too?