Sheet Masks Review (part 2) – Neutrogena Hydrogel Recovery Mask

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The second sheet mask I’ve recently tried was the Neutrogena Hydrogel Recovery Mask. I’ve been eyeing up the Neutrogena Hydro Boost range for quite a while and I thought a good first step into trying the range was to test out their new sheet mask. It’s strap line on the front of the packaging explains this products as “hydrogel cooling technology 100% made from active serum. Intense hydration for noticeable supple skin. One mask = one month usage of serum” Sounds pretty promising right?!

As I took it out of the packaging the first thing I noticed was the texture of this mask. It’s like a jelly silicone material soaked in the Hyaluronic Acid, and comes in two parts in order to fit better to your face. I will save you the face-mask selfie for this post as it did look a little strange as the mask was almost see-through – made me look plastic, but gave the husband a bit of a fright when he walked in so it’s worth it just for that! What I did like however is that the eye and mouth holes of the mask could be covered by the mask material if you wished to give your whole face a moisture boost. One thing I did love about the texture of this mask is that there was no dripping from the mask, which often I’ve found with soaking wet sheet masks.

So did it bring ‘one month usage of serum’….? I’m not convinced at this statement! I left the mask on for a total on 30 minutes. As I removed the mask from my face, my skin did feel very soft and bouncy – between you and me it felt quite soothing after a night of drinking the night before…! But as a regularly user of  Hyaluronic Acid, I didn’t feel this mask brought me any extra hydration in comparison to applying a serum the night before.

Question is then – would I buy again? I think I might in two different scenarios… The first, for travel. This sheet mask would be perfect to pack in your suitcase to save you carrying around a separate Hyaluronic Acid product – which often comes in a glass bottle. And the second for a hangover (shhhh! Just between us remember?!). Used on the morning of the night before, this mask is really soothing and cooling on the skin so makes you feel refreshed ready for the day ahead. And as this mask is only £3.50, I might pick a couple of these for emergencies 😉

Have you tried anything from the Neutrogena Hydrogel range yet?

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