First Impressions: Bleach London make-up

Doing my usual browse around Superdrug, out the corner of my eye I saw the perfect contour shade – actually a whole range of shades for all skintones. I then looked up and realised that it was from the brand Bleach London…I thought they only did crazy colour hair care products?! From the stand in Superdrug (I was in the Brighton store), it seems they have now turned their hand to make-up. Well if they are so good at bright hair colours, go figure they would be good at colour make-up!

Intrigued at what they had to offer I had a thorough browse of their stand. Their collection consisted of; eyeshadows in a huge selection of colours from neutrals shades right through to the brightest glitter shades I’ve ever seen, lip-kits, amazing bright highlighters, contour powders – all with the common theme of coming in a great range of shades and in beautiful, bright colours. Their packaging was quite interesting too. The collection is based around building your own palette with the majority of their products (contour powder, eyeshadows, highlighter, etc) coming in pan form within cardboard sleeves. Very clever marketing Bleach London – as for me just wanting to try out one of their contour shades resulted in having to purchase a small palette to store the product. Well seeing as I have a small palette now, I might as well try a couple of their eyeshadows to also go into my new palette…

My Verdict:

I ended up buying 4 products from Bleach London’s make-up range – Contour Shade called Countor-Nuity in Bones 4, two eyeshadows named Louder Powders in the shades TDME (red-ish shade) and in BME (bronze shade) and I also brought a small palette for £8 to house my three new make-up items.

Starting with the contour shade, as I mentioned above their range of shades really caught my eye as they offer a contour shade even for the palest complexion. I picked up the shade Bones 4 and I’ve worn it everyday since I brought it. I’ve tried many contour shades in the past, my favourite being Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder in medium but deep down I know it can look a little too dark for me. This shade however is so perfect and subtle for a little bit of everyday definition. It was also an absolute steal at only £4.50!

When it came to picking a couple of eyeshadows to also try from the range I really wasn’t that adventurous, and stuck with shades I would normally wear – bronze and red tone shades (which I now love thanks to the Urban Decay Heat palette). For a £3 price tag for each shadow, I honestly didn’t hold much hope for these eyeshadows but they are amazing! They are so pigmented and have a strong staying power on my lid – even without using an eyeshadow primer! The girl who served me in Superdrug also sung their praises saying these were the best eyeshadows she has ever tried! I think she is right..!

The palette itself is practical but it’s no MAC empty pro palette which you can fill. It’s first of all made of cardboard and a magnetic lid with a flimsy plastic window. This will get grubby and I am a little bit terrified of putting this in my make-up bag and having something stab through the front of the palette and making a mess. I can however forgive Bleach London for this as the make-up products themselves are fantastic and really well priced! Overall I would really recommend checking out Bleach London Make-up range if you haven’t already!

Have you tried Bleach London make-up before?

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