I got from my mama <3


First of all Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mums out there! I am totally bias but my mum is the best mum ever! She is not only my mum but my dad too – let’s get a huge applause for all those single parents. I’ve learned so much from my mum and she is a large part of who I am today, so I thought I would do a fun post today on things I got from my mama! Cue Mr will.i.am… (link)

My love of a beauty routine:
One of my earliest memories is sitting on my mum’s bed and watching her whole morning beauty routine. Religiously my mum will cleanse, tone and moisturize followed by her make-up. Her morning 3 step routine has always been using Simple products and her usual/day-to-day make-up look has always come from Rimmel – even to this day she uses the same products. From this, I always thought this was a part of a normal routine but I would then see my friends watch my mum with complete fascination when my mum was applying her make-up simply because their mum’s didn’t really wear any. From when I was small, I always wanted to have a peek inside her make-up bag and play around with all of the products. When she came to the end of her lipstick which was always Rimmel in Coffee Shimmer, she would give me the last remaining bit (basically a tiny stub of a lipstick bullet) so I could have my very own lipstick. Even to this day the classic smell of the Rimmel lipsticks reminds me of being a kid. I think from this, I’ve always been used to a morning routine which also contains a skincare routine and my make-up. It’s always been my ‘me-time’ of the day and I don’t feel quite ready if I’ve not gone through my whole getting ready routine.

When it comes to actual genetics, I also got a lot from my mum too. My height – we are both short – but the best things come in small packages right?! My hair is also exactly the same as my mum’s. We are both brunettes with thick hair which will never be 100% straight or 100% wavy – we always seem to get strange kinks in our hair which is so annoying. Thank goodness for hair straighteners though!

My parenting skills:
As some of you may know, I have a 9 year old stepson. He’s been in my life for nearly 6 years now and he’s awesome! Through my time learning to be a step-parent though I’ve noticed I’m saying all of those  annoying thing my mum use to say to me… “Because I said so….” and “I’ve found it in your room, so now you go and find it ”. I used to find these sayings sooo frustrating as a kid, but now having to use these phrases myself, I realise how much of a tough job it can be being a mum. Sorry mum! 🙂

The Lesson – Everything happens for a reason:
My mum’s favourite saying is “Everything happens for a reason” and I love it so much, I got it tattooed on my side. If ever I have a problem or a dilemma, my mum is the first person I call. She will always listen and then say “what does your instincts say?” “remember everything happens for a reason” and “what will be, will be”. And of course – mum’s are always right! This is one of the best lessons my mum has taught me. It reminds me that nothing is ever as bad as it seems and everything will be ok in the end.

My strength:
On top of anything else though, I owe my strength to my mum. Without going into any details, we went through some pretty tough times when I was growing up but my mum was my rock through it all. She handled everything herself, kept a roof over our heads, always made sure there was food on the table and was always there for me when I was sad, happy or even when I needed to shout and scream, she was always there to listen. I honestly don’t know what I would do without her – she is my bestest friend in the whole world!

Happy Mother’s Day mum! I love you lots ❤

Let me know what you got from your mama – do you look the same? What traits have you picked up? What lessons has your mum taught you?

2 thoughts on “I got from my mama <3

  1. To my darling Stephi
    This is so beautiful thank you.
    You are my I spiration, you have kept me going through our tough times & our good times.
    You are my biggest acivement in my life, you are my life. I’m so so proud of you, all you’ve become & I couldn’t ask for a better daughter, you are perfect. People would say to me ‘you’ve done a fantastic job & you a a credit to yourself & have done a brilliant job bringing Stephi up’ but seriously Stephi you have made it so easy. I love our relationship & I feel so proud at what I have achieved with you because you are perfect & im so proud if you. I love you with all my heart & soul xxxxxx

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