BOOK REVIEW: Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Alderton

Last week I finished listening to Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Alderton on Audible. If you are unaware of who Dolly Alderton is, she is a writer, director and journalist, she also previously had a dating column in The Sunday Times . I first came across Dolly after listening to the podcast ‘The High Low’ hosted by Dolly and Pandora Syke. It’s a weekly pop-culture and news podcast, sharing anything from political news, cultural happenings and water-cooler gossip – if you love a podcast, I would recommend checking it out as it’s a great mix of light-hearted conversation and factual news. When I heard via the podcast that Dolly was releasing a book, I was really interested in checking it out so when my latest Audible credit was available I downloaded it. I prefer to listening to biographies, memoirs and non-fiction via Audible as they are often narrated by the author and I can listen to them more easily on my commute whereas I tend to prefer reading fiction during my evenings at home. Being a fan of the ‘The High Low’ podcast, I thought this audio book would be like listening to one giant episode of the podcast focusing on Dolly’s life experiences, but it was sooo much more.

I have to admit, initially when I first heard the title of the book – Everything I Know About Love I did wonder if I would connect with this book, imagining it would be about living the single life but I couldn’t of been more wrong. It mainly focuses on relationships between females friends via Dolly’s life experiences. She has nicely built the book as a series of stories and anecdotes from her life, along with relatable lists, her love lessons at different ages, recipes for varying moments of life as well as some really funny letters addressing the truthful traits of a hen party, wedding or a baby shower.

A testament to how much I loved this book is that I’ve gone on to purchase a copy of the book – it’s definitely a book I would add to my bookshelf to go back to in the future. First of all, being a similar age to Dolly, I also found it very relatable and often nostalgic when she talks about things such as her days talking to boys via MSN messenger and life at university. I imagine reading this book back when I’m older as a chance to have a trip down my own memory lane or one day if I have a daughter, letting her read this in her late teens/early twenties as Dolly shares some really lovely life lessons. The one thing that kept me hooked throughout the whole book was Dolly’s honesty as she talks frankly through her past experiences, mistakes and events in her life – the highs and sometimes the very low lows. Her openness to her mental health as she was growing up was also so beautifully told, often explaining feelings which I have experienced myself in such a perfect way. Overall it was just really loving hearing how Dolly has grown into the woman she is today and taking her life lessons and applying them to my own. The whole book is very thought-provoking and it’s a one I will be recommending to all of my friends.

Have you read Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Alderton yet?

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