REVIEW: Benefit BADgal BANG mascara

Unless you have been under a rock for the past few weeks, you will know Benefit has recently launched their new mascara – BADgal BANG mascara. It was very highly anticipated with Benefit spending millions on their marketing in the lead up and launch – taking bloggers to Maldives, hosting a massive launch party complete with Lisa Potter Dixon (head make-up artist for Benefit) in a space suit and countless amount of adverts and promotion all over social media. It claims to have massive volume without weighing down lashes, using a space technology which is ‘gravity-defying’. It is also said to lengthen lashes, give dramatic volume and instantly lift lashes, whilst also being smudge-proof and water-resistant.

All sounds amazing right?! And with the huge amount of marketing behind this launch, it was hard to ignore. I struggle a lot with my lashes as they are very straight and stubborn, so this mascara seem to be the answer to all my prays! So the next time I was in Boots, I headed straight over to the Benefit counter and picked it up. Feeling very smug as I used my Boots points to pay the £20.50 price tag, I couldn’t wait to try this out the follow morning…


I have to say I was very disappointed! As I normally do every morning, I curled my eyelashes before applying Benefit’s BADgal BANG mascara. As I then applied it through my lashes the first thing that struck me was how wet the formula was. Applying as thin a layer as I could, I quickly saw my lashes fall from a beautiful curl to almost straight. Using my finger, I did try and push my lashes back into a lift as it dried but the formula was just too wet and heavy.

Once fully dry, although my lashes were not lifted they were thick and very black. They also didn’t feel heavy once dry which was frustrating. I think if you already have lovely lashes which do not need any help from eyelash curlers, this mascara could be perfect for you. If you have lashes like mine however, I would recommend to stay clear! I’m definitely going to stick to good old faithful L’Oreal False Lash Architect waterproof mascara, which you can see from the image above (excuse my goggly eyes!) it gives a much better lift to my lashes.

Have you tried Benefit’s BADgal BANG mascara yet? What were your thoughts?

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