REVIEW: Pixi Double Cleanse by Caroline Hirons

When it comes to the world of beauty products, skincare is my absolute favourite – if there is hype around a new cleanser or serum, I’m buying it! And when this hype item is by my favourite skincare blogger; the skincare queen, Caroline Hirons – I’m 100% sold! In partnership with Pixi, Caroline released – Double Cleanse Solid Cleansing Oil + Cleansing Cream back in January 2017.  If you’re a fan of Caroline Hirons, you will be all too familiar with the double cleanse process, but if you aren’t here’s what it’s all about. It is suggested to use two different cleansers – the first to remove make-up, often recommended to be oil based and the second to actually clean your skin and any traces left from your first cleanse. This cleanser brings both steps in one easy to use product – Step 1: Solid Cleansing Oil and Step 2: Cleansing Cream.

I’ve been a ‘double cleanser’ for a while now, often using two different brand of cleanser in my evening skincare routine, so the process of using this product wasn’t an issue for me at all. The first thing that really struck me was how much I loved the packaging with the ease of having everything you need in one sturdy plastic tub. It makes overnight stays and travelling a breeze as previously I’ve either had to carry two bottles of cleansers with me, or I’ve been lazy and not bothered doing a double cleanse. One thing I would mention however, is that you need to keep an eye on how much of each product you use each time to avoid using one side up quicker than the other. That being said though, the formula and quality of both cleansers means a small amount does go a long way.

The cleansers themselves are both really lovely to use. They are what I would describe as fuss free, without any frills e.g without any special acids, which makes sense as Caroline tends to add these ingredients into her routine via serums. It leaves my skin feeling really clean and calm. Sometimes with new cleansers, they will tend to leave my skin slightly irritated or red but I would say this products is great, even for the most sensitive skin types.

Overall, if you are looking for a new cleanser I would really recommend Pixi Double Cleanser. The price is pretty reasonable too, costing £24 especially as you are theoretically getting two products for this price tag. Each cleanser however is only 50ml, so it may not last as long as buying two separate cleansers. For me it has lasted just under 2 month with using it evenings only – so not bad at all.

Have you used Caroline Hiron’s Pixi Double Cleanser yet?

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