Kat Von D Beauty Haul


Whilst I was visiting London recently, I couldn’t not go to London without visiting the new Kat Von D counter in Debenhams on Oxford Street! I’ve loved Kat Von D ever since I can remember. When she released her own makeup range 8 years ago in US I was eager to get my hands on some of her products – it was the first thing I hunted for when I visited New York for my 21st Birthday. I treasured the Kat Von D eyeshadow palette I got from Sephora, I’ve still got in my collection – more for memories nowadays rather than using it. I literally jumped for joy when I found out earlier this year that she was releasing her range in the UK in Debenhams, Oxford Street.


As soon as I knew we were going to London a couple of months ago, I made sure we arranged time to visit her counter in Debenhams. I would of loved to pick up one of everything in her range, but being good I went straight for her lip collection. There has been so much hype around her liquid lipsticks, I’ve read countless amount my blogs about them and see a lots of swatches of these beautiful shades – so knew I needs to pick one of these up!

I ended up going for the Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks in Exorcism. It’s a shade which has really caught my eye quite a few times and I kept seeing the lovely Alice (from Annie Writes Beauty) rave about it – it looks beautiful on her. I also picked up one of Kat Von D’s Studded Kiss Lipsticks in Cathedral. I haven’t seen much about her lipsticks, but I’m not going to lie, I was actually most drawn to the beautiful  studded packaging. I ended up going for the shade Cathedral after having a lovely chat with on the make-up artists on the counter and I’m really glad I went for her recommendation because I love it! The formulas for both of these are fantastic and really long lasting. I’m looking forward to adding to my collection soon!

Have you tried any of Kat Von D’s beauty line yet? If so, what are you recommendations?

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