Bath Fizzer by The Body Shop


Recently when I popped into The Body Shop, these sweet-like bath treats caught me eye. The Body Shop have now released their own take on the bath-bomb craze – Bath Fizzers. I believe these are fairly new as I haven’t seen these before, but for one £1 each, I picked all four scents to try.


First of of all, I love the packaging theme. In a sweet-style, these fizzers come individually wrapped in bright colours and you pop them in a little stripy paper-bag like you’re having a pick-and-mix. Currently there are four scents to chose from; Frosted Flower, Candied Plum, Berry Bliss and Vanilla Delight and they all smell really lovely. When you open up your little sweet paper bag, the smell strangely reminds me of Pez Sweets (anyone else remember these!). I wouldn’t recommend eating them though!

The first one I’ve tried was the Vanilla Delight. After running a nice, warm bubble bath, I dropped the fizzy cube in the tub. These are obviously not going change your bath water a magical colours like a Lush bath bomb, but they do however have a slightly fizz in the water as they dissolve plus they make your bath smell amazing! Controversially, I’m not always in the mood for a Lush bath bomb. The aftermath is sometimes a little messy – leaving your bath stained with bright colours or glitter which you have the scrub clean and not really able to wash your hair (well I tend to avoid it) due to the oils they put in them. I really like the no fuss of these Bath Fizzers, they make a perfect additional to a warm bath. 

Have you tried The Body Shop Bath Fizzers?

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