Top 5 Autumn/Winter Nails


I absolutely love Autumn, its my favourite season! Not only can you start wearing warm coats and accessorize with scarves and wooly hats, you can put the pastel nail colours to bed and bust out the dark, wintery shades. Here is my 5x favourite nails polish for this wintery season –

OPI in Lincoln Park After Dark – I’ve had this bottle for years but it’s still going strong. It’s a gorgeous deep purple shade which almost looks black from a distance. I love this colour, especially for evening looks.

Barry M Matte in Crush – I love a red in any season, but once the weather gets colder I like to opt for a deeper red shade. I also love a matte effect and this shade looks lovely and autumnal.

Rimmel in Give It Some Welly – This is the newest shade in my collection and since picking it up in Boots, I’ve not worn anything else lately. I love how grey nails look nice, clean and chic. Plus I still really love the 60 second Rimmel formulation, and at only £2.99, you can’t go wrong!

Essie in Chinchilly – Every season needs a nude shade, and this is my favourite during the Autumn/Winter months. Although this isn’t a true nude, it’s more of a “greige” (grey and beige) with a slight purple undertone. It just makes for a perfect neutral colour throughout the season.

Topshop in Lucas – This polish has made a few appearance on stephisays. Topshop released a denim polish range a couple of months ago and I ended up picking up Lucas and Leigh, Leigh was the lighter of the two so perfect the summer season but now that it’s turned a bit colder, I’m loving the darker shade – Lucas.

What’s your favourite Autumn/Wintery nail polish?

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