This Works Sleeping Partners Duo


It’s becoming a quite regular occurrence to browse Homesense during my lunch break, as my office is situated 2 minutes from the Brighton store. Apart from becoming an expensive habit, I actually discovered a few bargains recently in their beauty department. My most recent find is This Works Sleeping Partners Duo containing the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray and Deep Sleep Night Oil. This set was already a bargain at £30 (rrp) when the products inside was worth £41, however Homesense were selling this set at £20(!!) so I just had to pick it up!

I’ve heard a lot of good things about This Works products, but the one product that kept catching my eye was the Deep Sleep range so I was thrilled to find this set and try it out. Anyone who knows me personally, knows I love my sleep generally falling asleep on the sofa most nights but my trouble is staying asleep. I’m that kinda of person, who will wake up in the middle of night stressing about all the things I need to do at work or for the wedding, or thinking about the most randomest things. The thought of having something that will calm me at night, sounds like the perfect remedy.

What actually is it? Both these this works products contain provencal lavender, vetiver and wild chamomile scents to help soothe and calm the mind before having a peaceful, deep sleep. The Deep Sleep Pillow Spray can be used to spray around the room or on your pillow to help you relax before going to sleep. The Deep Sleep Night Oil nourishing body oil which absorbs into the skin with the same calming scents to help you feel relaxed.

Does it work? I actually think it does. I love the scent of lavender as it instantly reminds me of being in my nan’s garden – she was was florist and a very keen gardener. Plus her favourite colour was mauve,  so her garden was always full of lavender – so I’m a little bias when it comes to thinking lavender is quite a relaxing scent. I first of all tried the spray before I went to sleep. The scent was quite strong, so there is no need to over spray with this product but it was quite nice to be able to smell it throughout the night in case if I did wake up. The fiancé however, is not a fan of lavender so actually hates me using it as a room spray before going to sleep, so I tend to just use one spray on my pillow (on the side furthest away from him…) but it still does the job. I’ve only used the oil twice, both times when I’ve had a pamper evening. After having a relaxing bath, I would use the oil mainly over my pulse points (where you would usually wear perfume) and I found myself so relaxed that when I tucked myself in bed to read a book, I was actually asleep within 15 minutes.

So apart from the fiancé not loving the smell so I’m needing to use sparingly, I really love both of these products. If you’re looking to add something into your night-time/pamper-routine, I would definitely recommending trying these.

Have you tried any of the This Works Deep Sleep products yet? What did you think?

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