Barry M Lip Haul




I love Barry M, they are one of my favourite highstreet brands for colour products – nail polish, lipsticks, cheek products. So in my usual lunch-break browse in Boots (the main reason I’m so broke all the time!) I came across a few new items from Barry M – appreciate these aren’t brand new, I’m just a little to game! Anyway I end up picking up these three lip products to try out –

Coco Loco Lip Oil – These came out in the summer but I just didn’t get round to trying it out, so I picked this up to try. Rather than using a lip balm to put moisture back into your lips, this is a lip oil containing coconut oil to rescue dry lips. It’s non-sticky and gives a shiny plump finish to your lips. I was a bit apprehensive in using a lip oil, thinking it would messy and too slippery but it was actually quite nice to use. There is also a Berry Lip Oil which contain raspberry and pomegranate oil which also also gives the lip a slightly hint of pink which I might have to try too!

Let’s Be Clear Lip Fixer – I love a bright lipstick, but really hate it when it either bleeds or feathers round the edges. I also find it quite difficult to find matching lip liners to all my lipsticks to avoid the awful edges. Enter Barry M’s Let’s Be Clear Lip Fixer! This genius product is a clear lip liner which you can use with any coloured lipstick to prime and define your lips and acts as a transparent barrier that will stop any feathering. After using it on a night out with my red lipstick, I wouldn’t be without this pencil in my makeup bag now!

Genie Lip Paint – Yes, this is a green lipstick! I was shocked when I saw it the lipstick line up on the Barry M makeup stand – who on earth would wear a bright green lipstick?! – so I eagerly swatched it to see what it looked like. I was then surprised to find a pink swatch from this lipstick…! Wanting to find out more about this intriguing lipstick, I picked it up. The idea is ‘it’s green but magically turns your pout an ultra-long lasting personal shade of pink by adapting to the Alkaline in your lips’. Complete gimmick, but I actually like the shade of pink and I found it also become more pigmented the longer is stayed on my lips. Plus it’s a great conversation started when you pull out a green lipstick to do your lippy.

Have you tried any of these Barry M lip products before? What did you think?

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