REVIEW: Real Techniques Miracle Sculpting Sponge

If you’re a fan of all things beauty or have recently walked down the beauty tools aisle in Boots, you would have noticed that the gorgeous Pixiwoo girls have released some new miracle sponges as part of their collection. Regular readers to StephiSays, will know I’m already a massive fan of their Miracle Complexion Sponge (the orange one!), so when I knew they were bringing out three new types of sponges, I got really excited!

Added to their Real Techniques collection now is; the Diamond Sponge (as part of the bold metal range), mini easer sponges and a sculpting sponge. The first new sponge I wanted to try was the Sculpting Sponge because I liked the unusual shape with different sides and edges to do different jobs in applying  my make-up.

This little pink sponge claims to be one tool with 6 uses; a large rounded side to blend, a large flat edge to apply contour, small flat edge to apply highlight, a small rounded side to also blend along with a large and small tip for different areas of your face. And I love it! It really does have the perfect shapes and edges to reach those hard to reach places. I love it mainly for blending in my concealer under my eyes and around my nose, but I’ve also tested in applying cream contour too and it’s great!

A word of warning however, is just be careful when washing this sponge. Due to the unusual shape, it’s quite weak in the middle/thinnest part of the sponge. I usually wash my makeup blenders with baby shampoo under running water and whilst I was in a rush I did accidently tear my sponge. Just something to be aware of, because I’m already on my second sculpting sponge. But yes, it’s that good that I repurchase another one after my little accident. I just can’t wait to try the rest of the new sponges!

Have you tried the new Real Techniques Miracle Sculpting Sponge? Have you tried any of the other new miracle sponges?

Beauty Miniatures- My Handbag Essentials


Doesn’t everyone love a beauty miniature? Yes, they are very cute and perfect for travelling but for me, a beauty mini isn’t just for your holiday, they’re for my handbag too!

I’ll admit, I like to carry a large handbag but that’s only because I like to be prepared. Whist working in London (although I’ve recently move jobs – more on that another day!), I was out of the house for 13+ hours and there might be occasions when I would go out after work for the evening too. You usually don’t have the luxury of heading home to freshen up, so these minis come in really handy.

OK, so it’s not that sexy talking about needing to spray deodorant during the day – maybe it’s been a hot day, or you’ve just sprinted across town for a meeting, but it’s definitely not sexy smelling funky throughout the day! I keep this mini can of Nivea anti-perspirant in my handbag at all times and it’s been a real life saver when I’ve been a little hot or want to freshen up before an unexpected night out. And those unexpectant nights out generally always come up when I should of really washed my hair the night before – enter in the mini can of Batiste! I would rather cancel going out after work, than go out with greasy roots, so a couple of sprays of dry shampoo has also saved me of few times recently.

I also quite like travelling with makeup wipes too. They come in handy when tidying up makeup mistakes when you freshening up your makeup but I actually also like these when I’ve got a long commute home. After a long day at work, the best feeling in the world it taking off my makeup at the end of the day but when there is another 2hr on a train to get home, I’ve been known to take my makeup whilst I’m on the train. Admittedly, I would only do it when I’m having a good skin day, but I love having a couple of extra hours break from wearing my full face of makeup. Then all I have to do when I get home is do a full cleanse.

See, beauty minis are great for everyday use! And it’s worth remembering that most high-street beauty stores (Boots or Superdrug) will generally offer mini on a 3 for 2 deal.

What beauty minis do you love? Do you keep them in your handbag too?

Barry M Lip Haul




I love Barry M, they are one of my favourite highstreet brands for colour products – nail polish, lipsticks, cheek products. So in my usual lunch-break browse in Boots (the main reason I’m so broke all the time!) I came across a few new items from Barry M – appreciate these aren’t brand new, I’m just a little to game! Anyway I end up picking up these three lip products to try out –

Coco Loco Lip Oil – These came out in the summer but I just didn’t get round to trying it out, so I picked this up to try. Rather than using a lip balm to put moisture back into your lips, this is a lip oil containing coconut oil to rescue dry lips. It’s non-sticky and gives a shiny plump finish to your lips. I was a bit apprehensive in using a lip oil, thinking it would messy and too slippery but it was actually quite nice to use. There is also a Berry Lip Oil which contain raspberry and pomegranate oil which also also gives the lip a slightly hint of pink which I might have to try too!

Let’s Be Clear Lip Fixer – I love a bright lipstick, but really hate it when it either bleeds or feathers round the edges. I also find it quite difficult to find matching lip liners to all my lipsticks to avoid the awful edges. Enter Barry M’s Let’s Be Clear Lip Fixer! This genius product is a clear lip liner which you can use with any coloured lipstick to prime and define your lips and acts as a transparent barrier that will stop any feathering. After using it on a night out with my red lipstick, I wouldn’t be without this pencil in my makeup bag now!

Genie Lip Paint – Yes, this is a green lipstick! I was shocked when I saw it the lipstick line up on the Barry M makeup stand – who on earth would wear a bright green lipstick?! – so I eagerly swatched it to see what it looked like. I was then surprised to find a pink swatch from this lipstick…! Wanting to find out more about this intriguing lipstick, I picked it up. The idea is ‘it’s green but magically turns your pout an ultra-long lasting personal shade of pink by adapting to the Alkaline in your lips’. Complete gimmick, but I actually like the shade of pink and I found it also become more pigmented the longer is stayed on my lips. Plus it’s a great conversation started when you pull out a green lipstick to do your lippy.

Have you tried any of these Barry M lip products before? What did you think?