Palmers Cocoa Butter Filp Balm

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Whilst having a browse around Superdrug (like ya do!), I came across a new lip balm from Palmers. It caught my eye has it’s a very similar shape to the EOS lip balms which are a US brand that has recently become more available in the UK. The EOS lip balms are really great and come in various amazing scents however as it’s a US brand, they are quite pricey in comparison to other lip balms on the market – usually £6.50 each! I was therefore quite pleased that Palmers have brought out their own version of the sphere lip balm!



In comparison to the EOS lip balm, the packaging is slightly different as rather than a twist cap, the Palmers version has a flip lip.  It’s only packaging but it’s nice that it’s not a completely carbon copy on the EOS brand. I actually really like the sphere shape packaging which is why I wanted to the test Palmers version. The shape of the balm makes it really quick and easy to apply the balm to your lips and I also really like how the balm packaging sits nicely on my desk – it’s the little thing! The lipstick/tube style lip balms always tended to roll off my desk so I end up losing then, and even when I stand it on its end, the slightest knock will always knock it over and send it rolling straight on the floor.  The strange shape is also a great conversation piece too! When people have noticed it my desk, they have mistaken it for a cherry tomato, a bouncy ball and even a clown’s nose – haha!


Formulation wise, the balm is good and ticks all the boxes you want for a lip balm. In comparison the EOS balm, I think the Palmer’s version is a little bit more wet  which is think is down to the Cocoa Butter in the balm whereas when you apply to EOS version is more waxy – so it really depends what your preference is. At the end of the day though it moisturises your lips, and the Palmers Cocoa Butter Flip Balm does it a fraction the price. The scent of the Palmers Flip balms are also really nice. I tried the Juicy Watermelon one but there is also coconut and mango available too.

If you’re thinking testing the EOS lip balms but not keen on spending £6.50 on just a lip balm then definitely try the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Flip Balm.

Have you tried the Palmer Cocoa Butter Flip Balms?

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