Shower Love: Soap & Glory

soap and glory pic

It dawned on me in the shower last week that over the last four years there has always been at least one Soap & Glory product in my shower routine. Whether it be a shower gel, an exfoliator, an in-shower cream, Soap & Glory have always been on top of my list for in-shower pampering. Their products not only feel amazing but smell divine! So, I thought I would share with you what I’m currently loving from Soap & Glory –

Soap & Glory Clean on Me Shower Gel – I think everyone has heard on this shower gel as it’s a classic from the Soap & Glory range. I don’t always buy this as my normal shower gel because it’s a little bit more money that I am willing to spend on a shower gel (usually £6.50 for 500ml) but I tend to always find this little beauty under the Christmas tree in a gift set which always pleases me! You do however get a large bottle for your money so I do think it’s worth it for a treat. Plus again, it smells amazing!

Soap & Glory Smoothie Oat, Sugar & Shea Breakfast Scrub – This is my 2nd or 3rd pot now. First of all, the scrub is one of the best I’ve used because it contains Shea butter, so whilst you are exfoliating, the scrub leaves your skin moisturised still. Best of all however is the smell!! Oh my goodness, you could eat the damn stuff it smells so good (please don’t though!). It’s a maple scent with bananas, almonds and honey added to the mix too, so if you aren’t a fan of the sweet scents maybe give the Sugar Crush scrub a go as its more citrus smelling.

Soap & Glory Exfoliating Gloves – This is most recent purchase from Soap & Glory. Although I love the Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub, I use it more of a treat during my Sunday pamper routines. With the Sun slowly making more of appearance nowadays however, I want my skin permanently silky and shining, so tend to use these gloves with the Soap & Glory Clean on Me Shower Gel during the week. These are just the right amount of scrubbiness (it’s a word, ok!), if you know what I mean. They aren’t to hash on the skin but it’s enough to give your skin a buff to leave your limps glowing. They also last a long time too. Other exfoliating gloves I’ve tried in the past (generally cheap ones) has fallen apart have a couple of uses, but after a month they are still holding their shape.

What are your favourite Soap & Glory products? What would you recommend trying out next?

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