REVIEW: Bee Good Youth Enhancing Lift and Brighten Eye Cream


Continuing to dive into my amazing goodie bag from the #BtonBlogMeet I attended a couple of months ago, organised by the wonderful Laura (from Lola and Behold), there was a travel sized tub of the Bee Good Youth Enhancing Lift and Brighten Eye Cream. I hadn’t heard a lot of about the Bee Good skincare range but since using their eye cream, I have been doing a little bit more research into the brand.

Bee Good is a UK based skincare brand who pride themselves on making natural and cruelty-free products using the wonderful ingredients of honey, beeswax and propolis made by British Bees, all the while supporting our countryside’s and putting profits back into UK beekeeping cause to help secure the future of our British Bees. How amazing is that?!

The Bee Good Youth Enhancing Lift and Brighten Eye cream was really nice to use. Generally I opt for the heavier duty eye creams because suffer with really dry and irritated eyes (thanks to my contact lenses!) however once I get my eyes in a good state sometimes the heavy creams are a bit too much. They tend to be too creamy to massage into the eye during the day before applying makeup, however the Bee Good eye cream is lovely and light but all the while still working hard at brightening the eye area. The Youth Enhancing eye cream aims to –

  • Visible lifts, plump and firms
  • Brightens & visibly reduces dark circles
  • Softens the appearance of fines lines & wrinkles
  • Hydrates and protects
  • Strengthens and enhances skin elasticity

Eye creams have become a staple in my skincare routine, especially now being the other side of my twenties (shh!) I am more conscious of looking after my eyes as it’s often the first sign of aging. Your eyes however are a sensitive area, and the thought of putting something full of chemicals near my eye in order to smooth fine lines and wrinkle really freaks me out. That why the Bee Good eye cream is the perfect option to help hydrate your eye area and its completely natural, plus I love the thought that they are also investing profits back into helping our British Bees.

Although I will still keeping my heavy duty eye creams in my beauty stash mainly using them at night to help soothe my eyes when they become sore, I will definitely using Bee Good Youth Enhancing eye cream in the daily daytime skincare routine. It’s such a great brand and I’m really looking forward to trying more from the Bee Good skincare range!

Have you tried Bee Good skincare before? What would you recommend trying next?

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