Dr LeWinn’s RenuNail Nail Strengthener

My nails have always been useless at growing! I have never been a nail biter, however after spending five years working in a printers and packing millions of books into boxes really took its toll on my nails as they would constantly break or snag. I have tried a couple of nail strengthener treatments in the past such a Sally Henson Maximum Strength which worked to grow them but I found that my nails still weren’t very strong. Then I tried Dr LeWinn’sRenuNail Nail Strengthener…
Dr LeWinn’s RenuNail Nail Strengthener is an intense nail strengthening treatment to help your nails become stronger. It works by following a 4 week programme –

  • First day apply two coats of RenuNail Nail Strengthener to clean nails
  • Apply one additional coat on top every day for the next 5 days
  • On the 7th day remove with nail polish remover
  •  Repeat the programmer for the next three weeks

At the end of 4 week programme, stop and give your nails a break for at least two weeks (using this too much will have a negative effect on your nails.)

I’ve done this programme once for only 3 weeks and the final results is what you can see in the photo above. Unfortunately I don’t have a before photo of my nails, but what I can tell you is that my nails were very short with no white tips at all and very flaky. Although to some people my nails won’t look much, but to me, this was a huge achievement as I have never had these length nails before and they’re strong! I have knocked them so many times and feared they would snap but they have been fine.

Since my treatment I have only been wearing the RenuNail Nail Strengther as a base coat underneath coloured polish (without apply further coats), and it works well to maintain the strength in my nails. Although I’m not using the strengthener as per the programme, I do still tend to try and give me nails a little break every now and then. It is a little pricey at £17.00 per bottle, but it does come in a large bottle (30ml) so can’t really complain as it really does work!

Have you tried Dr LeWinn’s RenuNail Nail Strengthener?

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