Slimming World Sundays #1


I write this post not really as a blog post but more of a diary entry following my slimming world journey. I’ve stopped and started slimming world a couple of times now and each time I stop, I put the weight I lost back on…with interest! Now with less than a year till a get married, I’ve decided it’s time to stop making excuses, go back and work hard to lose the weight! These posts will be my way of sharing my tips, meals ideas and progress. 

I went back to Slimming World last week and this week on Saturday was my first weigh-in. I found my first week back at Slimming World refreshing, it was nice to get back eating healthy and trying to be more organised with eating meals. Although I’ll admit I had a couple of bad days, with unexpected events I had to attend for work but I did mange to stick on plans for the majority of the week, and it paid off with losing 4.5 lbs! I’ll admit the first week will always be the best for weight lost as it’s a shock to the system, however it’s a nice feeling of the hard work paying off and it’s encouraged me to continue going.

Today is just a small intro into my new series and I won’t be writing a SW post every week but as I said, it’s mainly a chance for me to track my journey and maybe help others in the process, giving some inspiration and tips. 

To follow my Slimming World journey and check out what I’m eating, I have a separate slimming world account. Follow me over at – @stephi_sw

Have a great week everyone x



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