Bottomless Brunch at the Villandry, London

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A couple of Sunday’s ago, me and a few girlfriends met up in London for a well overdue catch up and we decided to go for breakfast or lunch. My friend then found out about bottomless brunches – something I’d never heard of before. The idea is, some restaurants or pubs/bars will serve a form of breakfast for a set price (and time) and serve an ultimate alcohol whether it be blood mary’s or prosecco – amazing right?!

My friend made a reservation for 1pm at the Villandry (Great Portland Street) and when we showed up, they showed us to our table and straight away we were offered hot drinks, pastries and if we would like prosecco. After a few minutes, they come back with your chosen pastries and start filling up the flutes of prosecco. They then take your order for your meal, and later offer a form of dessert – all the while topping up glass with bubbles.

The Villandry was really nice and elegant, and once you’re sat at your table you feel like you’re in an episode of Made in Chelsea. The food was amazing too! I went for the Villandry English Breakfast (minus the mushrooms) and it came to the table beautifully presented. It was the nicest full English breakfast I’ve ever had (no greasy spoon breakfasts here!) and super filling. For dessert, I then chose the salted caramel and walnut tart – it was beautiful!

The bottomless brunch experience last for 2hrs, and throughout the entire bunch your glass is never empty of prosecco. The waiters were fantastic, and as soon as your glass was half full they would come straight out and start filling them back to the top again – for the whole 2hrs! And all for a set price of £30, which I don’t think is bad at all! It makes for a really lovely afternoon with friends and perfect for a special occasion like a birthday.

And after doing some research into this bottom-less brunch experience it seems they are becoming quite popular across UK. There are loads across London if varies styles, so you can go elegant with somewhere like the Villandry, or if even seen in some pubs bottom-less brunch serving unlimited pizza and beers – great for a Sunday afternoon! And for my Brighton friends, I’ve even seen that the North Laine Brewhouse serve their own bottom-less brunch on a Sunday! Me and a friend are checking it out soon, so will report back soon!

If you live in London, or planning to visit, or even thinking of something special to do for a birthday – I would definitely recommend checking the Villandry on a Sunday!

Have you heard of bottomless brunches before? Is there any where you would recommend for the boozy brunch experience?

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