Top Skincare Picks


Here are my top moisturising skin picks. These are the products I reach for once I’ve done my usual cleanse and tone in the bathroom to help prep my skin for the new day –

Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution – I first of all wanted to find an oil for my skincare routine to help give my skin a boost of moisture for the day ahead, I then heard about this face oil from Kiehl’s. I’ve always tended to suffer from dark spots/acne scars – every time I have a pesky spot it seems to take forever to for mark to actually fade away so I wanted to try this out as my new face oil. I apply three drops of the oil onto clean skin before moisturising (morning and night) and it soaks into the skin really nicely. Although I have only been using this for about a month, I am actually starting to notice that my skin is a little more brighter and noticing my marks fading away ever so slightly, so hopefully this will work if I keep using this – I’ll keep you posted!

Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment – I’ve been very naughty in the pass and not used an eye-cream but recently I’ve had a few contact-lens issues which has caused my eyes to become watery and irritated so I need something to sooth underneath my eyes. After doing a lot of research into the best eye creams on the market, I went for Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment because I wanted something thick and creamy to help with dry patches around eye – and it worked! Would thoroughly recommend this eye cream, its super rich and creamy, and feel amazing around my eyes.

Simple Rich Moisturiser – This has always been my old faithful moisturiser! My mum has always used this, and I’ve carried on the same tradition. I tend to be of the belief that if you have a great skincare routine (cleanse, tone, apply oils, etc) then you really don’t need a fancy expensive moisturiser as well as everything else in your routine is doing all the hard work. Therefore I opt for this basic, high-street moisturiser which does exactly what it does on the bottle – moisturise!

Blistex Relief Cream – This acts as my lip balm in the mornings. Although it’s more of medicated lip balm, during the past couple of months my lips have been really sore and chapped – even with going to bed with a thick lip balm on. I tend to apply a layer on this in the morning to sooth my lips and apply my lipstick an hour or two later (before I get off my train in the mornings for work), this gives my lips enough to time to heal and I then have a smooth base for my lipstick.

What are your top skincare picks? Have you used any of these before?

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