Breakfast Club – Brighton


One of my favourite places for breakfast in Brighton!

They first opened in Soho back in 2005 and since then have gone on to open several cafes across London, and more recently  in Brighton. I’ve heard a lot of good things about The Breakfast Club – the queues every weekend to get in speak for themselves! Thankfully in Brighton the restaurant is bigger compared to Soho, so less queues to worry about it.

Their menu is great! For breakfast they serve a range of the classics such as eggs in all sorts of styles, full English breakfasts and my favourite – pancakes! And for lunch/dinner they serve burgers, tacos, salads and of course – the late late breakfast! My personal favourite because I have such a big sweet-tooth is the ‘pancakes and berries’. Four fluffy pancakes topped with maple syrup, vanilla cream and berries (strawberries, raspberries and blackberries). The other photo you will see above is my fiancé’s favourite which is the All American Pancakes – two fluffy pancakes with everything you expect to find in a full English breakfast – what a piggy, but oh so tasty! Their pancake portions are huge, so make sure you take your appetite.

The atmosphere is great too! Of course based on the film classic – The Breakfast Club, their deco follows an 80’s theme which make is really fun. I am in love with their mugs too, which are available to buy.

If you are in Brighton or London (or visiting soon) I would definitely recommend checking out The Breakfast Club!

Have you been to The Breakfast Club yet? What’s your favourite?


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