My Best Friend – Seche Vite

Sechi Vite

The one product I cannot live without is – Seche Vite!

It’s a popular product among the beauty blogging-sphere and it’s totally worth the hype! So much so that I have since brought 5x bottles as gifts for my family and friends because I told them they need to try it, and they are since converted too. Seche Vite is marketed to be a fast-drying top coat, drying your newly painted nails in a matter of seconds – and that it does!

The time I usually remember to paint my nails is just before I go to bed. This would typically leave me painting my nails late at night, flapping them around in the air for half an hour, to then go to bed thinking they were dry and wake up the following morning to find great big dents in across the polish -FAIL!

And then I used Seche Vite and my life was changed (you know what say, little things…and all that). I can paint my nails half an hour before going to bed and one coat of Seche Vite over the top of my new freshly painted nails  and my nailed are touch dry within a minute or two! It leaves a gorgeous shiny look to my nails and I also find it does make my polish last that little bit longer.

One thing to bear in mind is to make sure when painting your nails before the top coat is to paint to the very edges on your nails/end of your nails. It seems the formula of Seche Vite does shrike your polish a little when drying quickly which could leave you with top of polish falling slightly lower on the nails than you excepted.

All and all though it’s something I don’t think I can live without now in my nail routine.

Have you tried Seche Vite? What is your favourite top coat?

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