5x Benefits of Bio Oil

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As you may know, I recently attended the #BtonBlogMeet and was kindly given a goodie bag full of amazing products to test – one of these was a bottle of Bio Oil.

I’ll admit I haven’t personally used Bio Oil before, however I knew all about as my fiancé used in the past for his eczema. Being excited to try it out myself I did a little research into other uses for Bio Oil and I thought I’d share these with you.

Fading Scars – This is exactly what Bio Oil are known for and although I can’t personally tell you it works, the reviews online speak themselves so it’s definitely worth trying. Of course it’s dependent on the type/size of scars but I don’t think Bio Oil will magically get rid of your scars altogether after using for a couple of week but from what I have read, it will improve/fade the appearance of scars.

Stretch Marks – I’ll be that girl and hold my hands up and say I do have a few stretch marks, so as soon as I was given this bottle I started to try it on them. It’s only been a week or so since I started using the oil, but I am noticing a degree of difference in the appearance of my marks. They are starting to look less harsh the more I apply (I tend to only apply once a day at night before bed), so will definitely be keep this in my body care routine.

Dry Skin, even Eczema… – As I mentioned above, I first really heard about Bio Oil as my fiancé used to this to sooth his eczema. He went through many different treatments to tackle his eczema which included the god-awful steroid cream. As you may know this stuff isn’t good for you long-term as it thins the skin, cause further irritation making skin condition worse and can also discolour your skin – not good!! He then started using Bio Oil. The Oil helped sooth his eczema and stopped it itching, and if you can make it past the itching the eczema will begin to improve.

Cuticle Oil – As Bio Oil contain Vitamin E it’s great for rubbing into your cuticles and nail beds to help them keep them strong and healthy. What I tend to do is, once I have used Bio Oil in my daily routine I will rub any remaining oils into my hands and nails and they look great for it!

After Sun – I also saw that it can be used to sooth your skin after being in the Sun and considering how much it helped with my fiancé eczema I can well believe it would help. So it might worth maybe throwing a mini bottle of Bio Oil in your luggage next time you go on holiday.

Have you used Bio Oil before? What do you use it for?

Rosie For Autograph Perfume

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I love wearing perfume but they can often be so expensive! One of my all time favourite is Viktor and Rolf Flower Bomb but at £50 – £70 a bottle, I become very reluctant to keep wearing on a daily bases especially if I am going just going to work. I therefore then began a hunt a for high-street fragrance which I could wear on a day-to-day bases during the week.

When testing a lot of the lower priced perfumes on the market, I found a lot of them smelt…well cheap! Either far too musky, way too sweet, or smelt like something I wore back at school. I was then in Mark & Spencers looking for underwear (as you do!) and came across Rosie For Autograph perfume.

Rosie Hunington-Whiteley is currently the face of Mark & Spencers underwear range (and may I add it’s gorgeous!!) and this is her first fragrance she has released in partnership with M&S. I’m pretty late to game on this one as it was first released back in Jan 2015, but it smells really nice. I’m useless at describing scents, so after so researching I found the notes have been described as – (by Fragrantica)

Top notes – Pepper, Lemon and Green leaves
Middle notes – Rose, Jasmine and Magnoila
Base notes – Sandalwood, Vanilla and Musk

It’s defiantly lovely and floral but not to over-powering, so it’s perfect for a day perfume. The more I wear it, the more it reminds me of Chole perfume, so if you like this it might be worth checking out Rosie For Autograph.

And price wise, it’s only £14! I actually even picked this up when M&S was holding a 20% off offer so I only payed £11.20…bargain! It now means I am not afraid of my perfume running out and I’m happy to also carry it around in my handbag without fear of losing it or sharing it – because you know once you spray perfume whilst you are out and about, your friend will also want a cheeky spritz too!

Have you tried Rosie For Autograph yet? Do you have any recommended high-street scents?

A LUSH EASTER – The Bouncy Bunny Set

LushBunny edited

Lush Bunny Egg

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How friggin’ cute is this Easter set from Lush!!

Lush never fails when it comes to bringing out gorgeous sets for each season, and Easter is no exception! Inside this cute bunny face is an egg filled with four lovely lush products –

  • Spring Bunny Bath Bomb – which I believe is exclusive to the set
  • Somewhere Over The Rainbow Soap
  • Bouncy Bunny Shower Jelly
  • Brightside Bubble Bar Mini

I’ve not tried any of these goodies yet as I’m saving them for a Easter Sunday pamper, but everything smells amazing – I can’t wait to use them all!

At £18.95, this make for a perfect Easter present or a treat for yourself. Hopefully you can still get your hands on this ready for Easter Sunday!

Happy Easter Everyone!

What plans have you got over the bank holiday weekend?

Mani at Barber & Parlour

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As I have mentioned before, since working in London I sometimes to get the chance to get my nails done and recently we went to Barber & Parlour in Shoreditch. It was such a cool salon that I wanted to let you guys know about it.

It’s an awesome venue and much more than just a Salon. It features – Cheeky Hair by Josh Wood, Cheeky Parlour, Barber & Parlour Kitchen, Neville Barber and downstairs in the basement is the Electric Cinema Shoreditch. I only managed to get a few photos but I encourage you to take a look at their website for a better feel of exactly what they have to offer –  www.barberandparlour.com

Me and a couple of my colleagues each got a Shellac Mani, and the service was great. We all got to sit together and have a proper catch up rather being scattered around a Salon without being able to talk to each other unless we want to shout across the room. The girls doing our nails were also very friendly and professional, and did a great job with our manicures. I opted for a very ‘spring-like’ pastel purple (it’s Easter this weekend after all!) and I’m super please with my nails.

We unfortunately only had an hour spare for during work to go to Barber & Parlour, but I am desperate to go back and explore the whole place a little more, maybe get my hair done and grab some lunch there too! I’ll report more once I get a chance to go back, but if you’re in the area I would definitely recommend checking them out.

Have you been to Barber & Parlour before?

Just say yes! And the #BtonBlogMeet


On Saturday I went to my first blog meet up in Brighton, kindly organised by the wonderful Laura from Lola and Behold.

Now I have to thank my beautiful best friend Emily for telling me about this meet up! You may have heard of her very lovely sister Alice from Annie Writes Beauty who was already going to the event and Emily suggested I should maybe check it out too. I moved to Brighton just over a year ago now and due to spending half my time in London for my job, I’ve really not had a chance of meeting anyone here. She knows I’ve been feeling a bit lonely in Brighton and thought it would be great opportunity for me to meet some other bloggers in the same area – and she was so right!

I’ll be very honest, when it came to the morning of the event I was in two minds whether to go or not. When it comes to meeting new people and especially in a crowd, I become very very anxious! Whether it’s meeting new people, walking into a busy room, being in a crowd, or even going out for a meal with my closest friends (who I have known for years!), I still get nervous and anxious. It’s something I have suffered with for years and I’ve previously tended to avoid certain social situations but I am trying my hardest to say yes to more things – this event was the perfect opportunity to try and conker my fears.

The event was at The Globe in Brighton on Saturday 19th March in the afternoon. As I walked in by myself I felt a bit shaky but I was instantly greeted by a couple of other really lovely bloggers. I found out it was their first blog meet up too and I quickly realised I wasn’t alone in feeling a bit nervous and not everyone knew each other. In my head, I thought I’d be sat at the back on the room whilst everyone already knew each other and already in their own groups – I was very much wrong! Laura arranged a great icebreaker activity which got everyone talking to each other and finding out about each other blogs. It was a perfect opportunity to start meeting other great bloggers, swapping blog addresses and twitter handles.

Also at the event were some great brands – Purepotions , Snact and the lovely store Homage (a gorgeous homeware store in Seven Dials, Brighton) as well as lots of other really great brands who appeared in the goodies bags which Laura kindly put together – thank you to you all and shall be reviewing some of these products soon!

I want to say a huge thank you for you to Laura for organising the event! I had such a great time and met some really amazing bloggers who I’ll be keeping in contact with. I also met a lovely blogger Pippa from Pippa Says who was also holding a Brighton Girl coffee morning meet up the following morning on the Sunday, and in the rule of saying yes, I went along a met some more lovely and inspiring women from Brighton! More to come on the Brighton Girl meet up soon!

So if you are like me and are afraid to get out there and meet new people, remember you aren’t alone, everyone gets nervous meeting new people! My advice is – say YES! Go along to your nearest blog meet up, find out other meet ups in your area or even create your own because at the end of it you may end up finding new friends and start becoming a part of community.

Just say YES!

New Favourtie Make Up Brand – Soap & Glory

  I have tried a lot of high-street make up in my time – and by high-street I mean, make up you find in Boots or Superdrug. My make up bag usual would have been filled with a lot of Bourjois, Rimmel or L’oreal however I’ve notice is fast becoming more filled with Soap & Glory. A brand originally famous for their amazing bath and body products, now have their own make up line and they are fantastic! Here are top three picks you need to try from Soap & Glory –

Supercat Eyeliner Pen – I am probably on my 5th eyeliner pen from Soap & Glory. I love a winged eyeliner and this pen makes it really easy. I had heard some mixed reviews on this eyeliner, people often saying it smudged and dragged along the lash line but once I tried it out for myself I found very much the opposite. It’s long lasting, easy to use and it’s the blackest black eyeliner I’ve come across. Admittedly, when my lids are particularly oily I do find some transfer with this eyeliner so something to bear in mind, but at £6 it’s a steal and definitely worth trying.

One Heck of a Blot Powder – When it comes to powder I’ve always been a MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural kinda gal, but after hearing some really good things about the Soap & Glory powders I wanted to give this a go – and I think it’s great! For one thing I really love the packaging as it comes with mirror (something I found annoying the MAC Mineralize powders), but I also find this is just as good as the MAC’s powders, plus its half the price at £12!

Kiss Ass Concealer – I’ll admit, I only picked this up as when I brought the One Heck of a Blot Powder, Boots were running some sort of offer (either buy one get one free, or buy one get on half price – can’t quite remember) so ended up giving the concealer a go. This is a three piece kit – one colour for under the eye, the other designed for any blemishes and a setting powder. I have to say this is the most premium feeling concealer I have tried from the high street (similar to Bobbi Brown or Laura Mercier), it feels creamy with high coverage – another product I would definitely recommend.

Have you tried any Soap & Glory make up products? Would what you recommend trying out next?

My Saviour – Palmer Cocoa Butter Handcream


When the cold weather comes in, it’s my hands that always suffer! And although it’s starting to feel Spring like the wind still dries my hands out making them really red and sore, plus it doesn’t help coming from the cold onto a packed and boiling tube and back out in the cold again…

I’ve tried a lot of hand creams in the past (one being the Neutrogena non-scented hand cream – would definitely not recommend!) but this one has fast become my favourite and has found a permanent home in my make-up bag/desk at work.

The Palmer Cocoa Butter Formula Hand Cream is really rich and nourishing but also quickly sinks into the skin so you’re not left with greasy hand for next 15mins. This also has the usual Cocoa Butter smells as well which smells really nice!

I can’t say this gives the ’24 hour moisture’ it claims on the packaging as I tend to end up needing to reapply at least four times a day, but I have to say my hands become like sandpaper in this weather so you  might not need to reapply as much as me. Never the less I would highly recommend!

Do you have a favourite hand-cream?

Current Favourite Lip Combo

fave lip duo

I’ll admit, a little bit Kylie Jenner inspired but I am loving this current MAC lip combo – MAC lip liner in Nice and Spice with MAC lipstick in Velvet Teddy.

I found the lip liner whilst doing my usual browse of the lip counter in the MAC shop in Brighton (you know, the usual Saturday afternoon) and after speaking to one of the make-up artists she suggested trying it with MAC’s Velvet Teddy lipstick. Well you don’t have to tell me twice! I picked up both and having been wearing them nearly every day to work since December.

It’s a gorgeous nude brown that looks really natural and perfect for the office. I hadn’t been the biggest fan on lip liners, apart from wearing a bold red lip but it’s made me really see the benefit in a lip liner. Not only does it make my lips look more defined, but layering the liner as a base really holds my lipstick in place for the majority of the day. I tend to only need to reapply after eating lunch at midday, or I perhaps need a quick touch up before going to a meeting.

Have tried MAC’s Nice and Spice Liner or Velvet Teddy lipstick? What’s your favourite nude lip combo?

Kiko Haul




I’ve heard a lot of good things about Kiko Cosmetics and as we now have a store in Brighton I thought I would pick up some pieces up to try out. Here is what I picked up this weekend –

Velvet Touch Cream Blush Stick in 01 (£7.90) – these reminded me of the Nars multiples which I’ve always wanted to try so thought I would give this go. The picture above show me trying this for the first time and I really liked it. It’s quite shimmery in person so maybe would be a little to much for a daytime look but I thought the colour was really nice.

Kiss Balm Lipstick in Blackberry (£5.90) – I think you can always find out the most about a beauty range by their lipstick offering. Rather testing something bright and bold I wanted something I could wear and reapply during my day at work . On first application (as shown by photo above) there is a slightly colour tint which is perfect for the office and its really moisturising on the lips too!

Make Up Blender (£6.90) – I love a beauty blenders so I was intrigued to test out how to Kiko’s beauty blender compares to others I’ve tried. I’ll let you know how I get on with it!

Blotting Papers (£3.40) – Blotting papers are always something I wanted to try to be honest. I’ve notice my skin getting slightly oily recently so thought I’d try them out.

I wanted to pick up some more of their makeup range to test out like their foundations however I couldn’t find the right colour match plus I went in on a Saturday so it was a little manic and difficult to have a proper browse of everything that was offer. I shall definitely be doing my research and testing some more Kiko soon!

Have you tried Kiko? What would you recommend me trying next?

Breakfast Club – Brighton


One of my favourite places for breakfast in Brighton!

They first opened in Soho back in 2005 and since then have gone on to open several cafes across London, and more recently  in Brighton. I’ve heard a lot of good things about The Breakfast Club – the queues every weekend to get in speak for themselves! Thankfully in Brighton the restaurant is bigger compared to Soho, so less queues to worry about it.

Their menu is great! For breakfast they serve a range of the classics such as eggs in all sorts of styles, full English breakfasts and my favourite – pancakes! And for lunch/dinner they serve burgers, tacos, salads and of course – the late late breakfast! My personal favourite because I have such a big sweet-tooth is the ‘pancakes and berries’. Four fluffy pancakes topped with maple syrup, vanilla cream and berries (strawberries, raspberries and blackberries). The other photo you will see above is my fiancé’s favourite which is the All American Pancakes – two fluffy pancakes with everything you expect to find in a full English breakfast – what a piggy, but oh so tasty! Their pancake portions are huge, so make sure you take your appetite.

The atmosphere is great too! Of course based on the film classic – The Breakfast Club, their deco follows an 80’s theme which make is really fun. I am in love with their mugs too, which are available to buy.

If you are in Brighton or London (or visiting soon) I would definitely recommend checking out The Breakfast Club!

Have you been to The Breakfast Club yet? What’s your favourite?