My New Love – Gel Nails

gel nailsI got my manicure at MW Nails in London and the colour is called Determination.

Since working in London, I sometimes get treated to a gel manicure and since experiencing them, I’m converted!

The photo above shows my manicure after one week, and I am usually useless with my nails! I never put on gloves when I wash up, always end up ripping open boxes before think about my nail polish or end up picking off my nail polish after the tiniest chip – I’m terrible! Even with the best top coat, normal nail polish only usually lasts at the very best 4 days on me. Sometimes this isn’t too bad as I often become impatient and want to change up the colour of my nails, but when your fiancé cannot stand the smell of nail polish it becomes hard to find time to sit down and re-paint them.

Not only do they look lovely, neat and shiny, they are meant to last up to two weeks but from my previous experience I have managed to maintain them for nearly three weeks before they start chipping and looking scruffy. Yes a gel manicure can be expensive, however I do think they are worth it –

  • As a previous acrylic nail wear, gel nails are much kinder on your nails. I personally found acrylic nails ruined my nail beds because generally the manicurist has to file down your nails in order for the acrylic to stick, whereas gel nails simply sit on top of your natural nails.
  • I also found my nails need much less recovery time compared to having acrylic nails too. A word of warning though – always remove your gel nails professional. I’ve been really naughty previously and peeled my gel nails off and it ends up peel always ends up peeling away layer of your natural nails.
  • Gel nails take much less time than acrylic nails. It’s simply a routine of file, base coat, first and second coat of colour and top coat. After each coat it’s just a case of needing to seal under a UV lamp – which takes less than 30 seconds! Acrylic nails is a little more of a lengthy process and it kinda smells too. Gel nails are odourless.
  • Gel nails are more natural looking, but if you’re looking for more length then acrylic nails may be the way for you.

The only down sides, is that they don’t last as long as acrylics and ideally you need to go back to nail salon to have them soaked off (although I tend to do this myself using acetone), but apart from that I love them!

Although I won’t be completing converting to gel nails all the time – I am way to impatient with wanting to change my nail colour, I do think for every once and while or for going on holiday they are perfect! And a little tip – its always worth having a look at Wahanda or Group On for a deal on a gel nail manicure!

The next thing I want to try is at home gel nail sets – anyone tried them? What would you recommend?

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